Millie ondernemend pup

A reading book with an extra step!



Millie and his friends

  • Do you want to take that extra step instead of only reading a story aloud?
  • Are you looking for more interaction with your child?
  • Do you want to learn how to get to know your child even better? 
  • And foremost, is your child allowed to learn to know you better?

Millie and his friends is a book for you if you want to take that extra step instead of only reading aloud. With this book, I invite you to create a quality moment with your child. Play with the story and use the interaction which I provide you in the book.  I know for sure that it will offer you gorgeous moments. Take that extra step and go on the journey with Millie and his friends. I already wish you upfront a lot of pleasure.

Millie is an enterprising puppy who experiences remarkable adventures, just like children growing up. The subjects touch the life and experiences of the child and invite to a pleasant conversation a child itself does not easily start. This creates open communication and gives the child more insight and confidence in everyday situations.

Get active with the book, Millie and his friends, discover the subjects in the book to share stories with each other and create new memories.

Click the book and flip through the chapter:


It requires creative guidance and support from the environment to develop these qualities with the child. It is important to stimulate the child what he is good at. In this way, the child develops more self-knowledge, and he gets more self-confidence.

This requires parents and caregivers to look carefully and listen to what the child really says. The intention behind the words, the non-verbal communication shows what is going on in the child. Understanding their language will create a deeper connection.

If you are able to understand this language, a connection will develop at a deeper level. Open communication creates a deep bond of trust with the child, so they are more likely to discuss difficult situations as they grow older. 

With this booklet and the colouring pages, I hope to achieve that every child learns to trust more on himself, his talents, and his intuition. A child knows deep inside what is good for him and what suits him.

This book is also extremely suitable for the interaction and understanding of  each other in the school environment. 

Colouring pages

Click on the images to open the Millie and his friends colouring pages

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“What a wonderful book to read and discuss with your child. Reading this book really enriches our evening ritual, especially because of the conversations we had with the children following the book.”

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My name is Patricia and I am an enterprising bon vivant.

It is my passion to make the difference in the life of a child. To stimulate and activate the child’s strength and wisdom.

My goal in life is to have parents and children experience a connection on a deeper level with themselves and their child.

You are and can do so much more than you think…

I work from Love and Intuition in co-creation as a transformation coach. And help parents and children to process grief, fear and trauma, so that they can shape their lives in Joy, Trust and Happiness.

Listening beyond words and connecting with your intuition and Inner flow is the Power of your Life, it is pure Magic. 

With the story of Millie and his friends, I wish that parents and children connect with each other on a deeper level and are open to good conversation and a nice bond of trust.


One of Jeroens big dreams was to illustrate a real children’s book one day. A dream that has finally come true with ‘Millie and his friends’! But who is Jeroen?

Jeroen is a freelance designer, illustrator, fulltime geek and metalhead. Jeroen loves people and dogs (especially Corgis!), good music, great stories and bad jokes. In many of his designs animals and creatures play the leading role; dogs (yes, Corgis), dinosaurs, monsters, muppets and human-like… things.

Jeroen prefers to design for children and adults who haven’t forgotten that they used to be that too.